Dalgona Latte V2

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Dalgona Latte slime is inspired by Dalgona (aka Korean sponge candy) Latte that is a trend in Korea✨ It is like a coffee latte but it's topped with thick syrup (coffee + sugar + milk) with a consistency like dalgona. 
You will either get heart dalgona or star dalgona. The resulting texture is just AMAZING. It's a super fluffy, soft and squishy clay slime☁️☁️
You can choose from three shapes: a triangle, a star, or an umbrella☂️ It’s so satisfying to mix the dalgona clay into the slime! 
Dalgona Latte DIY kit comes with...

- a handmade clay dalgona (A triangle, a star, or an ummbrella)

- a glossy glaze slime

- a fluffy dalgona syrup slime

- a silky white base slime

- an extra deli container

Every clay dalgonas are carefully crafted by Momoslimes team. This is so fun and satisfying to decorate and mix and the end result is a fluffy clay slime! Once everything is mixed you will get at least 8oz of slime.

Texture  diy clay slime

Scent   coffee+brown sugar+milk

Size   approximately 10oz






Please read before you purchase.

The consistency of the slime upon arrival might be different from the picture due to the shipping condition beyond our control; long delivery time, the temperature, handling, etc.

Slimes are not edible.

Please note that due to lighting effect, the actual colors may be slightly different from the picture. Also, the colors may mix during transit.

Every orders include a bag of borax and a instruction.

Main ingredients: Glue, borax, food coloring, and fragrance oil.