• Banana Milk Slime
  • Banana Milk Slime

Banana Milk Slime

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Banana Milk is a water slime which is watery, non-tacky, and jiggly. 

This slime isn’t for normal slime things like stretching and inflating, but it’s very fun to poke and wiggle it to make watery sounds! Since this slime is jiggly, it's best for table-play. Super fun to play with! It isn't sticky at all, but it may leave some residue if your hand is dry. So I recommend wash hands and apply lotion before handling this slime.

* Something to keep in mind before purchasing water slime: Store water slime in the fridge or cool area and wash hands before playing for longevity.

** This product has a dairy scent that may not be suitable for all individuals. It is not recommended for those who are sensitive to the scents/ or a smell of dairy.


Texture  water

Scent  banana milk

Size   medium







Please read before you purchase.

The consistency of the slime upon arrival might be different from the picture due to the shipping condition beyond our control; long delivery time, the temperature, handling, etc.

Slimes are not edible.

Please note that due to lighting effect, the actual colors may be slightly different from the picture. Also, the colors may mix during transit.

Every orders include a bag of borax and a instruction.

Main ingredients: Glue, borax, food coloring, and fragrance oil.