• BB Axolotl Slime
  • BB Axolotl Slime

BB Axolotl Slime

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BB Axolotl slime is a coated jelly x clear glue slushee slime that is so crunchy and bubbly! The bingsu part comes in a separate container just so it does not mix during transit.

Texture crunchy bingsu x coated jelly

Scent  starfruits+mangosteen

Size   medium





Please read before you purchase.

The consistency of the slime upon arrival might be different from the picture due to the shipping condition beyond our control; long delivery time, the temperature, handling, etc.

Slimes are not edible.

Please note that due to lighting effect, the actual colors may be slightly different from the picture. Also, the colors may mix during transit.

Every orders include a bag of borax and a instruction.

Main ingredients: Glue, borax, food coloring, and fragrance oil.

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Kalum C.
Canada Canada

In love with the Axolotl

Wonderfully soft slime. Inflates like a dream and creates very satisfying crunches and sizzles. After mixing, slime becomes a light pink with bingsu and shimmery flakes throughout. Not super holdable, would recommend a tray to catch dripping slime. Smells divine and edible BUT DONT EAT. Axolotl charm is to die for!!

Momo Slimes BB Axolotl Slime Review
United States United States

Soo pretty!

So much fun to play with! It sparkles and pops and the charm is so adorable!

United States United States

Delight in slime form

I love everything about this slime. The jelly texture is soft and fluffy and inflates nicely. (Note: You will need an extra container.) It's a little more wet than a clear slime, but not as wet as an icee slime. The sparse bingsu add a nice amount of texture without compromising the squishy stretchiness of the base. It's a satisfying blend of fluffy easy-to-handle slime and some satisfying texture for your hands. The bingsu make it extra bubbly and crunchy. I have fun inflating it into a big pillowy cloud and then squishing out all of the air. The color is on-theme, a pretty baby pink with iridescent pink bingsu sparkles. The scent is fruity, refreshing, nostalgic and light. Not overpowering. And the axolotl charm is so cute! I could happily play with this slime for hours. No wonder it sells out so quickly every time it shows up. IMO, one of Momo's best. This was my first bingsu slime. Here's a description of bingsu in case you're unsure and want to know more: tiny plastic curls, made of plastic similar in thickness and flexibility to a plastic straw. Each bingsu is a hollow cylinder about the diameter of a piece of angel hair pasta, and just a few millimeters long. They're small and light, and flimsy enough that you could pinch one flat very easily if you wanted to. They're just a little scratchy on your hands. They don't hurt, but your hands might get a little sore if you play with bingsu slime for a long time.

United States United States

Cutest slime ever!

I set my eyes on this slime about a month a a half ago. I waited until it was restocked and ordered it about 2-3 weeks ago. The base was very satisfying to play with. It was very soft and sort of felt like a clear slime but with a jelly-like texture. It was a little sticky when it arrived but that was on me I played with it right after it had got out of the mailbox so it was still warm and sticky, but still satisfying. The mini pink bingsu slime was high quality as well. When I played with it there was no fallout at all, did not irritate my hands, and it stretched very nicely considering how small the bingsu part was. Oh my gosh don’t even get me started on the axolotl charm, it was literally the cutest thing ever. The sprinkle add ins were very cute as well. I then mixed everything in and it turned into the perfect combination of soft and crunchy. No bead or add in fallout whatsoever which I am very pleased with. It smells like sweet lychee. It was a great scent but it is very light. It sort of loses the scent when you play with it but I let it sit for 1-2 days in the container and it came back. This slime inflates quite a bit (I would recommend you have a 5-6 oz container handy to store the inflated extra slime). Anyways, I definitely recommend this slime. Such high quality and so cute! 10/10 just perfection! Oh btw…….. I luv axolotls :3

United States United States


i really liked this slime. it was kind of soft to start without the beads, and then when you added the beads it was so crunchy and so fun to play with! a little sticky, but not a big deal. the axolotl charm was adorable, and the pink tint to the slime looked very nice!! I'm so lucky i got this before it sold out, as i hope Momo Slimes restocks it, as its so adorable. the scent was very sweet, too, it kind of smelt like watermelon. I love it!!